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    this year aproximately 1300 children were denied of a preschool in tallinn due to lack of space

    estonians spends one-fifth of their life in school. universities are full, vocational schools empty

    118 litres of alcohol sold per capita makes estonia number 1 in the world

    59 per cent of men have a leased car

    12 280 of the total of 157 440 home loan clients are not able to make loan payments on time

    migration is growing and fertility is declining. every sixt person in estonia is living in poverty

    average wage in estonia is 35 per cent of the average in the european union. women make 25 per cent less than men

    net balance of consumer loans has grown 13 times in 10 years tho intresses are highest in europe

    development of e-estonia has created a situation where everyone has to use a computer

    difference of the sexes in life expectency is 10 years. over 100 000 more women alive than men